Département de Physique Théorique

Dmitry Abanin Quantum materials, such as Dirac semimetals and topological insulators, as well as non-equilibrium quantum many-body physics and many-body localization.
Vincent Desjaques Theoretical and computational cosmology, large scale structure formation, galaxy redshift surveys.
Ruth Durrer Cosmology and particle physics.
Jean-Pierre Eckmann Mathematical physics. Infinite dimensional dynamical systems. Systems out of equilibrium. Mathematical problems in biology.
Martin Kunz Cosmology, primordial universe, dark energy.
Michele Maggiore Gravitational waves. Cosmology of the primordial universe.
Marcos Mariño Mathematical aspects of string and quantum field theory, topological string theory, topological quantum field theory, quantum gravity, non-perturbative methods in quantum field theory.
Antonio Riotto Cosmology and astroparticles.
Julian Sonner String Theory and Holography; applications of holography to many-body physics, especially non-equilibrium physics.
Eugene Sukhorukov Mesoscopic systems away from equilibrium: Shot noise, electron counting statistics, quantum measurement and electronic entanglement.
Peter Wittwer Non-perturbative aspects of nonlinear partial differential equations, renormalization group techniques and mathematical physics.