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Département de Physique Théorique
Université de Genève
24 quai Ernest Ansermet
CH-1211 Genève 4

I am currently the President of the Physics Section

A Modern Introduction to Quantum Field Theory

312 pages, Oxford University Press (2005),
ISBN 0-19-852073-5 (Hbk),
ISBN 0-19-852073-3 (Pbk).

This book grew out of a course that I give to students in
their fourth year at the University of Geneva,
and it is meant for undergraduates and PhD students in theoretical physics.

It contains many solved problems and can also be useful
to researchers in theoretical physics and to particle physics

You can browse into the Table of Contents ,
or go to its web page at Oxford University Press ,
where you can read the first chapter.

Some review.


Gravitational Waves
Volume 1. Theory and Experiments

574 pages, 131 figures, Oxford University Press
(publication date: October 2007).

A comprehensive textbook on the theory of
gravitational waves as well as on the principles
of gravitational-wave experiments.

You can browse into the Table of Contents ,
or go to Oxford University Press ,
where the you can read the first chapter.

Some review.


after several more years of work, Volume 2, on astrophysical
and cosmological sources, is basically finished! (and will appear in 2017)


The unifying theme of my research is the application of field-theoretical methods to various problems at the crossroad
between classical and quantum gravity, gravitational waves (including their astrophysical and cosmological applications),
black-hole physics, and cosmology.

My group is part of the Geneva Cosmology group

My most recent research is largely devoted to non-local modifications of GR

Some less recent selected publications from inSPIRE or from Google Scholar .
Full   publication list    from the inSPIRE database, and a short CV.
My research group in Geneva, and former PhD students

Teaching at the University of Geneva

  • Champs et Particules (Quantum Field Theory),
    Link to the Chamilo server (access restricted to students of UniGe). Assistant: Yves Dirian.

    The program of the course can also be found on the Student's Guide

    Activities for the general public, some talks, etc.

  • I have co-founded and I coordinate the Athéna program,
    a projet that allows students in the last two years of College in the Geneva canton
    to follow some courses of Physics or Mathematics at Geneva University

  • A video of a recent public conference on Dark energy and dark matter (in french)

  • some interviews on RTS and Leman Bleu on the recent detection of gravitational waves (in french)

  • Slides of a recent Colloquium at Geneva University on the recent gravitational waves detection

  • a podcast on gravitational waves (in french)